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How can breasts be enhanced with fat transfer?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the harvest of fat from one area on the body, transfer it following a special purification process, to the breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation utilizes fatty tissues from other regions of the body to increase the size of the breasts through implantation of the new fat cells. The process is a desirable alternative to breast implants because it utilizes a woman's own tissues rather than the foreign materials introduced into the body through breast implants.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is different in some respects from breast augmentation using breast implants. Fat transfer offers less predictable results than breast implants because some of the fat cells inevitably die following the procedure. However, women do not have to worry about suffering the effects of capsular contracture as a result of breast implants because the fat cells used to augment the breast tissues are not foreign and are considerably less likely to activate a painful immune response.

Fat transfer breast augmentation has other benefits as well. The procedure allows women to do two procedures at once, namely liposuction and breast augmentation. Liposuction is used to harvest the fat cells from a target area on the body before they are purified and then injected into the breast tissue. The fat tissue looks and feels like a woman's own breast tissue, a major plus for women who are trying to decide between implants and fat transfer breast augmentation.

What you'll find at is a one-stop resource for women who are considering breast fat transfer as a viable option for breast augmentation. The site was designed to answer all of the basic questions about fat transfer breast augmentation including what it is and how the procedure is performed. If you're considering breast fat transfer to augment your breasts BreastFatTransferGuide can help you make a decision about whether you're a good candidate for the procedure and the pros and cons of using breast fat transfer to increase the size of the breasts.

Prospective patients can use as a resource to learn more about the cost of the procedure, recovering from the procedure, and how breast implant surgery compares with breast fat transfer. A before and after gallery provides women with the ability to look at before and after pictures of women who have undergone the surgery and experienced real results. Women who are considering fat transfer breast augmentation for themselves can then use the web site to look up plastic surgeons in their area and set up an initial consultation to learn more about how the procedure could benefit them.

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